Project Management renovating a mixed-use unit with the addition of a large HMO in Leeds.

Dib Lane was a commercial and residential property comprising a commercial unit as half of the ground floor and the other half of the ground floor, combined with the first floor, was a 4-bedroom house. We converted the 4-bedroom house into a 5-bedroom high end HMO and completed a basic shop floor refit in the commercial unit.

The majority of the works were completed in the HMO conversion which included ripping the property back to brick, moving/adding walls, regaining the structural integrity of the first floor by replacing the joists and floorboards, blocking up doors and opening up other doorways, a brand new kitchen, 5 en suite bathrooms, full re-plastering, complete replacement of central heating system, re-wire including hard-wired fire system and decorating/dressing the finished product.